Americas best are secretly Dwelling Among You

In "Mendacity," US Green Beret Brayden Smith navigates Central and South Americas dangerous landscapes, uncovering drug trafficking and corruption. His moral compass is tested in this thrilling military fiction.

About the Author

Bryan Clark

My journey towards becoming a writer is deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of experiences that life has generously offered me. As I journeyed through my military career, I naturally had highs and lows, things that I loved and a lot that I’d rather have skipped, all of this has been a thread that I’ve woven into the fabric of my narratives. Fiction, my chosen medium, serves as a conduit through which I channel these myriad experiences, infusing my characters and the worlds they inhabit with the essence of real-life wisdom and insight. 

This creative alchemy is not solely for my own fulfillment but is driven by a profound love for reading—a love that has allowed me to traverse countless universes, each a unique reflection of the human experience.

 It is this magical immersion that I aspire to offer my readers. By inviting them into the realms I create, I hope to echo the enchantment that reading has bestowed upon me, crafting not just stories, but gateways to worlds both vast and intimate, where every page turned is a step into the boundless potential of imagination.

About The Book


Americas best are secretly Dwelling Among You

In the heart of South Americas lush landscapes, “Mendacity” unfolds—a riveting military fiction exploring drug trafficking and corruption. Brayden Smith, a dedicated US Special Forces member, leads us through this intricate web of deceit. As he confronts a reality more treacherous than any battlefield, his resolve is put to the test, uncovering a sprawling network of corruption that reaches deep into society’s core.

“Mendacity” immerses readers in a suspenseful journey filled with moral dilemmas and life-threatening dangers, balanced by moments of humor. Brayden’s internal struggle to reconcile his ideals with harsh realities drives the narrative, exploring themes of integrity, betrayal, and the pursuit of truth. Join Brayden as he navigates the murky waters of corruption, armed with his wits, courage, and hope for a better world.


Chapter 1

THE SUN WAS ALREADY rising as he moved into his final hide site. At this point, he had been radio silent for the past 12 hours and hoped that with the lack of communication his primary exfiltration point was still a go, even though he didn’t care for the means of extraction.

 He was alone, and wishing that he had his sniper buddy, but this time he had volunteered to conduct the operation unaccompanied based on mission requirements. He had only completed one other lone sniper operation, and that was during a training exercise in Nevada. At that time his team was conducting a Full Mission Profile, a training event that simulates real world events and conditions to test the men’s planning and preparation. The mission was complex and required multiple teams to conduct simultaneous hits in various locations in order to successfully rescue a hostage from a warehouse near area 51. The training area was significant because of the extensive tunnel systems.  For the upcoming mission, the team had learned that the rebel group they were targeting had access to unused tunnels that they were now using to smuggle people, weapons and drugs.

 Conducting the mission as a singleton shooter came with risks, sniper school teaches you to operate in pairs as a team, a shooter and a spotter. This not only helps maintain overall situational awareness while moving, but it also allows the shooter to focus on one thing, taking the shot. His team was selected to rescue the hostage, and during planning they realized that because of the lack of terrain features or concealment areas in the flat desert, the sniper team would have to move through an unused underground rail system in order to get into position.


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